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American Plumbing Service is the number 1 choice for plumbers in Hemet, CA. We provide quality, affordable drain cleaning, plumbing and water heating services with unmatched customer service throughout Riverside County.
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The issue with browsing the web for “plumber near me” when you need a plumber is that “near” does not always equal “fast” or “accessible.” What you are most likely searching for is dependability, speed, and availability. Residents in Hemet who are seeking that rely on American Plumbing Service. We provide high-quality plumbing service and repair in Hemet.  Call American Plumbing Service now to talk with one of our live agents and set up an appointment with an experienced plumber. You may also call for an emergency plumbing service at any moment. We’re always available to take your call.


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Because prevention is better than cure, take charge of your plumbing system by arranging routine plumbing service and inspections far before you notice any indications of a plumbing problem. To find weaknesses in your home or business plumbing system, our Hemet plumbers employ advanced equipment and technology such as trenchless sewer replacement, as well as years of experience and skill. 



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Some Plumbing Warning Signs to Look Out For



Scheduling a plumbing service every week or even every month is just unrealistic. There will be plumbing issues that occur following your yearly or biannual inspection or service, and it is critical to be able to identify them before they snowball into larger difficulties. Keep a look out for the following indicators of a plumbing problem:



Poor Drainage: Some of the symptoms of a clogged drain are foul odors from drains, slow drainage, low water pressure, and water or sewage backups.



Water Stains: Leaks in visible pipes are easy to detect, but hidden leaks need more plumbing knowledge and sophisticated equipment. However, hidden leaks might appear as water stains, dampness, brown patches, mold, and mildew on walls and ceilings.



Water Discoloration: Your water should be clean and have a pH of approximately 7. Anything that deviates from this pattern might indicate that your pipes are polluted, rusting, or corroding.



High Water Bills: If your water consumption has been consistent but your water bill has risen, you should consult a plumber.


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With our same-day service, you can get your plumbing problems resolved and get on with your life. Our expert team can handle any problem, no matter the size.


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