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5 Important Water Heater Repairs that Prevent Replacement

There’s nothing worse than realizing the water for your morning shower isn’t getting hot. Water heater issues are more than just stressful; they can be costly. Don’t ignore early warning signs that your equipment needs a repair, leaving you with few options but replacing the entire heater.

We understand why people avoid calling a plumber. Some companies make you wait days before getting back to you or aren’t forthright about what the issue with your water heater could be. American Plumbing Service prioritizes client relationships over a single job. Contact us at the first sign of problems; we may be able to perform one of these five water heater repairs in Lake Elsinore. A simple repair will save you from an expensive water heater replacement.

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Water heating element repair and replacement

It’s natural to assume when a water heater stops making water hot, it is entirely defunct and needs replacement. In actuality, it’s just one small part of the heater responsible for the temperature of the water. Cold water isn’t the only sign that something is wrong. Erratic water temperatures are also a sign that you’d benefit from having a plumber take a look.

The heating elements or thermostat on a water heater can sometimes stop working before a replacement is necessary. A plumber can quickly assess if a simple repair will resolve the issue. Still, if your heater is more than 12 years old, they may recommend a replacement to save you the hassle of escalating repairs.

Hot water tank cleaning

Just as upsetting as cold water for your morning shower is discolored water with dark particles. This is usually a sign of rust accumulating in the water tank. Rust doesn’t always mean you have to replace the heater, however. Often, rust is due to a faulty or broken anode rod in the tank. Cleaning the tank and replacing rusty parts and the anode rod may resolve any problems with discolored water.

Water tank flushing

At American Plumbing Service, we recommend having your water heater flushed by a professional once a year. Flushing removes any buildup in the tank, such as mineral deposits. Sediment left untreated can cause significantly more damage and excessive noise from the heater. Without regular maintenance, sometimes mineral deposits can become too substantial for simple flushing to resolve, in which case you may have to get the entire tank replaced.

Like many aspects of your home, diligent yearly maintenance keeps your appliances working better and prepares you for the eventual repair and replacement you may need.

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Dip tube replacement

Excessive noise, white flecks in your water, or alternating hot and cold water are signs that your water heater’s dip tube may need replacement. The dip tube forces cold water to the bottom of the tank, where the heating elements are located. When it breaks, cold water flows throughout the tank, making it difficult to get water as hot as it should be. While most dip tubes last the entire lifetime of the water heater, some break prematurely. A plumber that can correctly identify a broken tube can save you money with a water heater repair instead of replacement.

Gasket replacement and plumbing connection tightening

Not only are plumbing leaks stressful and challenging to clean up, they often mean an expensive repair or replacement is needed. Contact a plumber immediately if you discover a puddle around your water heater.

The first thing they’ll do is check the plumbing connections and gaskets for signs of excessive wear. Replacing a few parts and tightening the connections without over-tightening may fix the leaking without costly water heater replacement.

American Plumbing Service provides expert water heater repair in Lake Elsinore and surrounding areas.

Our mission is to provide Western Riverside and San Bernardino County homeowners with professional, efficient, and reliable plumbing services.

Entrusting the care of your home or property to a plumber can be nerve-wracking. That’s why we take the time to explain the issue and our recommendations for repair. Then, we act efficiently, so our clients get the most for their money. Contact our team for same-day service on Lake Elsinore water heater repairs.

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