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Why your Temecula Plumber Doesn’t Advise Flushing Wipes

Flushing anything but toilet paper is never encouraged. Many people don’t realize the significant damage flushing paper towels, tissues, and other wipes can do. Replacing damaged pipes is costly for homeowners, and totally preventable. As we always say, “don’t flush wipes, save our pipes!” 

Below we discuss the reasons why you should never flush anything but toilet paper, and other pipe-friendly materials down the toilet. 

Toilet paper is designed to break down in water. Other wipes aren’t. 

Any other wipe-like product should not be flushed down the toilet. Tissues, wet wipes, and paper towels are not designed to break down when exposed to water. Instead, they are supposed to resist it, and remain completely intact. This causes serious blockage in your pipes. The result is more than a clogged toilet, but pipe leaks and bursts if the block is severe enough. 

Toilet paper is unique because it is designed to navigate a wide variety of different pipes and plumbing systems. Manufacturers require it to be readily water soluble, yet durable enough to fulfill its purpose. The general rule of thumb here is if it takes longer than a minute to dissolve in your toilet, it will likely cause problems. 

The fatberg effect. 

While the name is unfortunate already, the result is even worse. Pipes don’t just consist of water, air, and pressure. There is a mixture of grease, fat, and dirt that is logged all over your piping system. When paper towels, or other wipes make it down the drain, they will soak up and combine with these other elements to create large clumps. These will most certainly clog your pipes, and have the potential to cause leaking, bursting, and thousands of dollars in plumbing repairs. 

Even the smallest fatberg that forms can be equally as destructive as a large one. For this reason, never risk having this type of clog, and only use toilet paper when you flush! 

Serious sewer system damage. 

Once wipes reach the sewer system, they are still dangerous. Loose wipes can clog up the drain lines, creating a blockage in the septic system. The horrific result of this would directly impact your home, as the pipes would be so blocked up anything you flush down would come back up again. This means you would have sewage coming through your sink, toilet, drains, and even bathtub. Other openings would also be vulnerable. So as we always say, “don’t flush wipes, save our pipes!”

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