5 Signs that You Need Professional Drain Cleaning in Menifee

Drain cleaning can easily slip the mind. But when a clog occurs, Menifee residents realize how it wards off costly damage and major inconveniences.

Now, if you’re wondering whether you need drain cleaning in Menifee, our team here at American Plumbing Service will help you make an accurate assessment. These are the signs you should look for.

#1: Water is draining out much slower than usual.

When there’s a buildup of food waste, hair, and oils in your pipes, water takes longer to drain out. When your drain needs cleaning, you’ll notice this problem in your kitchen, with your washing machine, and in the shower.

If water is spending longer in sinks before washing away into the drain, part of the pipe is probably obstructed.

Call a drain cleaning service immediately after noticing this issue. Over time, the buildup completely obstructs the flow of water. The result is a full-blown clog.

However, with cleaning, your drains will be efficient and water won’t linger around anymore.

#2: You’re hearing unusual sounds from your plumbing system.

An obstructed drain forces water to flow through tight spaces and change course. And sometimes it collects before rushing out in a burst. You’ll know if this is happening within your pipes because of the sounds.

The most common noises are those that sound like gurgling and bubbling. And you’re most likely to hear them after flushing or when turning on the sink. But it’s also possible to hear weird sounds from an obstructed drain even when the water’s not running.

If you’re hearing these sounds, you certainly need drain cleaning in Menifee. The louder the noise and the longer it lasts, the more severe the risk to your plumbing system.

#3: There’s an unpleasant smell.

Unpleasant smells coming from your plumbing are never a good sign. If you’re catching a whiff of something nasty from sinks, it could be decaying food waste. Once it forms a wall inside the pipes, more food waste starts piling behind and worsening the problem rapidly.

Apart from the inconvenience of an unpleasant smell in the home, you face a health hazard when the problem gets this bad. And, as with any partially blocked drain, it’s a matter of time before there’s a full clog.

You may also notice the smell coming from the shower.

#4: There are fruit flies in your home.

Once there’s decomposing food waste and patches of water, fruit flies won’t take long to arrive. And a partially blocked drain presents these ideal conditions for the fruit flies to breed and thrive.

Most of the time, you’ll find them in the kitchen. But if you’ve dealt with fruit flies before, you know that after a short while they invade the whole house.

#5: You have a problem with standing water.

When you start noticing standing water in the shower, washing machine, and sinks, it’s a sign that your drain is close to full blockage. Usually, this starts as slow draining (mentioned in #1) and gradually worsens.

Standing water provides a breeding ground for pests and creates a severe health hazard. Having it around is also highly uncomfortable and significantly lessens your sense of enjoyment in your home.

But, even at this stage, drain cleaning gets your plumbing working as it should again.

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