Why you need slab leak detection before selling your home in Murrieta

There are a number of benefits that come with building your home on a concrete slab. Although, one problem that is more likely to go undetected with a slab is leaky plumbing. If you’re trying to sell your house, these leaks could show up during inspections and turn away potential buyers. You can get out in front of any potential problems by having a plumber perform a slab leak detection in Murrieta. Keep reading to learn more from our short guide that has been put together by our team of experts at American Plumbing Service and explains the benefits of an inspection.

Ensure the overall integrity of your home

Regardless of what type of foundation your home is built on, minor issues can compound into costly repairs. Cracks and leaks in the concrete slab your home is on will lead to major structural issues in the flooring and framing throughout the house. This will compromise the integrity of your walls and can weaken them. It’s a costly and invasive project to replace segments of or entire walls if the wood is rotting due to leaky plumbing below your house.

One of the major benefits of buying a home on a concrete slab is that you’re not at a high risk of flooding or pests finding their way into your home through the floor. Without a crawlspace under your home, you’re not providing a space for water to accumulate or extra wood for insects to chew. A leak creates an opening that can provide an opening for water and pests to enter your home.

Ensure your plumbing is intact

If your home stands on a traditional foundation and has a basement or crawlspace, you can usually walk into the basement or poke your head through the floor into the crawlspace to see if you have any plumbing issues. This process is more difficult with a concrete slab as the plumbing runs under the slab and isn’t exposed. While it’s nice to not have to worry about your crawlspace or basement, it’s next to impossible to diagnose plumbing issues without the help of an expert.

A slab leak detection that’s performed by professionals is a great way to identify potential plumbing issues before you put your home on the market. You can get ahead of the problem by fixing it prior to a potential homebuyer letting you know that they’ve had it identified by an inspector.

Provide buyers with peace of mind

Selling your house goes much smoother when the buyer is comfortable with every aspect of your home. You can provide a buyer peace of mind by letting them know that you’ve had a slab leak detection performed and either had a clean report brought back or you’ve already fixed the issue.

Slab leaks can be especially intimidating problems to fix as they’re much more expensive to repair than what you might see with a traditional foundation. Repair costs can vary greatly, so you don’t want to be on the hook for an expensive repair bill just prior to selling your house if you don’t have to be.

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