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Tips For Maintaining Your Drains After A Hydro-Jetting Service

The persistent stink from a clogged drain can be a huge source of pain in your home. In addition, a clogged sewage drain promotes the growth of bacteria in the pipes, which might pose health risks in the home.

However, one of the most effective ways to prevent drain clogs is to have your drains cleaned using a hydro jet. Additionally, it protects your home from illnesses and allergies caused by bacteria and bad odors.

However, how knowledgeable are you about hydro jetting drains? What kinds of drain obstructions can be removed with its assistance? How can a drainage system be maintained after hydro jetting?

Learn more about hydro-jetting and discover the answers to these questions by reading on.

What Is Hydrojetting Precisely?

The word “hydro jetting” refers to the process of removing obstacles from pipelines using high-pressure water. At the end of the hydro-jetting system’s pressure hose is a specialized nozzle. The other end of the hose is linked to a pressure machine that increases the water’s pressure by 3000 to 8000 pounds per square inch (PSI).

Hydro jetting was invented in the 18th century and has been utilized by mining companies to blast various minerals ever since. Nonetheless, as a result of technological advancements, it has become one of the most effective methods for unclogging sewage drains. In order to clear persistent blockages in sewage lines, licensed plumbers employ this method, leaving the pipes clean and able to transfer wastewater.

How Does a Hydro jet Function?

The nozzle-equipped hose end is inserted through the clearance and plunged into the drains or sewers. This is because high-pressure water blasts may penetrate thick layers of oil, caked-on food particles, and even insect infestations of tree roots. These particles are flushed down the drain, leaving your pipes pristine and odor-free.

A plumber would not, however, use a hydro jet to clean your drain without first doing a plumbing inspection. This allows them to assess if hydro jetting is the most effective method or not. However, this approach cannot be used on drain pipes that are cracked, ancient, or otherwise in poor condition. The plumber will thus use a drain inspection camera to discover the precise type and cause of the drain clog. By placing the camera into the drains via clearing, the plumber can determine the nature and degree of the blockage.

One of the benefits of employing a hydro jet unit is that it can clear a clog even if it is 100 meters down into a drain. There are not many techniques to clear a clog like this from a drain. In this regard, this method is effective and exhaustive. If you utilize it, you won’t have to worry about clogged drains for an extended period of time. Hydro jetting is often reserved for difficult obstructions that other unclogging methods cannot successfully remove. It is the only method that guarantees totally clean drains after cleaning.

Also, understand that hydro jetting is a method that can only be performed by a professional plumber. If it is not done properly, your drainage system could be damaged, resulting in additional costs.

When is Drain Hydrojetting Required?

Why would you continue to use hydro jetting in light of how pricey the technique is? Should you consider hydro jetting as a remedy if you’re having plumbing problems? The following are indicators to watch for:

Frequent clogging

If you’ve already cleared your drain and eliminated the clogs, but they keep coming back despite your best efforts, it’s possible that the buildup in your pipes is too significant for a simple clearing procedure to resolve. If no action is taken to resolve the issue, it will continue to worsen and eventually result in complete obstruction.

Hydro jetting may simultaneously clear clogs and buildup from your pipes, saving you time and work. In a single motion, the strong water clears the deep clog and eliminates the buildup on the pipelines, allowing you to start over with clean pipes.

The odor of a rancid sewer

Sewage odor or a clog in the sewer system is a serious problem. Even though it may be caused by something little, such as an open P-trap (a pipe curve containing a small amount of water that prevents gases from flowing back up), it may also indicate a more serious problem. Additionally, sewer gas is hazardous to human health; you should take every measure to avoid it from entering your home.

The stench is the most evident sign of a sewage backup problem in your home. Nevertheless, you may also observe water stains, moist areas in your basement, and dampness beneath the sink. If these warning signs are present, you should visit a plumber and explore hydro jetting.

Gradual Drainage

Even though slow drainage is an annoyance, many homeowners ignore the problem until it becomes more severe. Drain cleaners may provide brief relief, but since they are caustic, they are likely to cause

long-term damage to your pipes. This is especially true if you use them frequently. A slow drain is particularly troublesome because it will only worsen with time.

Hydro jetting can treat multiple issues concurrently to improve the health of your pipes. These difficulties may include a serious obstruction or accumulation that prevents water from freely flowing through your drains.

Fixtures that cause obstructions in other drains

When you flush the toilet, water may back up into the tub or shower if the sewer line is clogged or if the drainpipe connecting the two fixtures is obstructed. When multiple fixtures are clogged, it is time to bring out the hydro jetting machine.

The first step in clearing a clogged toilet is to descend into the bowl. If this does not work, hydro jetting can be used to clear a clog in the main drainpipe or flush out large obstacles in the sewage line. It will also eliminate the accumulation that may cause the drain to clog or slow down in the future.

Why is hydro jetting a more desirable option than other techniques?

Hydrojetting is an effective method for cleaning pipelines…

In essence, hydro-jetting is a high-pressure water washing technique used to clean pipes. In other words, the pipes are being thoroughly cleaned. This will remove the barrier and considerably reduce the likelihood of subsequent obstructions. This procedure is more durable than rerouting a pipeline with a snake and is compatible with a variety of pipe materials and sizes.

Cost-effective and non-harmful to the environment…

Hydro-jetting is the most cost-effective method for drain cleaning on a budget. These high-pressure blasts carve a path through the pipe and flush away the obstruction by destroying it. This guarantees that the pipelines remain clean for an extended period of time. It is also the alternative with the least negative environmental impact because it does not involve the use of hazardous chemicals.

Leave No Trace Of Odors…

Unpleasant odors originating from your drain are most often caused by the growth of bacteria. In addition to having a foul odor, it may be harmful to one’s health. Hydro-jetting will eliminate the pathogens, making it a healthy solution.

Quite Accurate…

Hydro-jetting provides the added benefit of being able to remove impediments buried beneath your lawn. You eliminate the need for subsurface excavation, resulting in substantial time and cost savings. Hydro-jetting is performed directly through the sewage system without causing harm to the pipes or the yard.

Highly efficient…

Hydro-jetting is the most effective approach for a plumber to clean your pipes. It utilizes high-pressure water to remove debris. They are available in a variety of sizes and strengths, making them an ideal tool for a wide range of applications. They can clear even the most tenacious clogs, dirt, roots, and pebbles from your plumbing without causing any damage.

How to Maintain Drainage Functionality Following Hydrojetting

As described previously, hydro jetting is the most effective method for unclogging a drain. However, drainage must be maintained following the treatment. If not, you will need to reschedule hydro jetting immediately.

Here are our top five suggestions for maintaining your drains after hydro jetting.

Install drain guards…

Utilizing drain guards is one of the simplest ways to maintain a functional drainage system. This is vital if you have dogs or children in your home. Drain guards are steel or wire mesh covers installed over drains to prevent larger items, such as food scraps or hair, from being flushed down the drain. Also, remember that grease and similar substances should never be flushed down the toilet.

Using a drain cleaner, remove obstructions from the drain…

At least once every two months, a microbiological drain cleaner should be used to keep the drains in good condition. You should utilize them by pouring the liquid down the drain and letting it sit for a bit. You may follow the instructions on the bottle if you are uncertain, but we recommend waiting 30 minutes. After that, flush the toilet with baking soda and hot water. We recommend that you seek out a drain cleaning method that is as close to nature as possible, as this will be easier on your home’s pipes.

Utilize hot water for drain flushing…

Once each week, you should use hot water to clean the drains in your home. If you pour boiling water down the drain, it will aid in the dissolution of any grease or oil that may have been flushed down there by accident, as well as prevent the accumulation of debris. Both baking soda and vinegar are common household ingredients that can be used to unblock drains.

Constant upkeep of the waste disposal…

If you possess a garbage disposal, remember that it requires monthly maintenance. A useful technique for preserving the cleanliness of your garbage disposal is to combine some salt with two cups of ice cubes and grind them

together. This helps to remove any oil that may have accumulated. After cleaning the garbage disposal with cold water, try adding half a lemon or lime to eradicate the foul odor.

Permit the skilled specialists to handle the difficult work…

Consult a plumber quickly if you are experiencing plumbing issues and feel you need assistance.

It is sometimes preferable to engage the aid of skilled specialists to minimize unnecessary anxiety. Especially if you have already tried everything and your drains remain clogged despite your efforts.


Instead of clearing a clogged drain yourself, you should contact a professional plumber for assistance if you have a clogged drain in your home or office. You are now aware of the efficacy of hydro jetting and can rest assured that if your drains become clogged, you have a simple alternative to clear them and restore the normal water flow to your plumbing system.

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