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What to know about slab leak repair in Moreno Valley

It’s not always easy to spot water leaks around the home. Unfortunately, if these leaks go unnoticed for a long period, they could cause costly damage.

Much worse is when water pipes within the walls or underneath the home rupture and leak. This will lead to water seeping through the concrete slab of your house, leaving you with slab leaks that can compromise the structural integrity of the building.

If you’ve noticed this problem in your home, don’t wait too long to call us at American Plumbing Service to quickly fix the problem. We provide professional slab leak repair in Moreno Valley and the nearby communities, including Menifee, Wildomar, Temecula, and Murrieta.

If you’re not sure what slab leaks are and why you need to be proactive when dealing with them, this post outlines some of the most important things you need to know. Let’s get to it.

What is a slab leak?

When an underground water pipe ruptures or leaks, water ends up seeping through your home’s slab and then pooling on the surfaces of the floor or wall. This is called a slab leak, and it can cause extensive damage to your home if not repaired quickly and properly.


Left unchecked, the water seeping out the slabs can cause cracks in the foundation, mold and mildew growths, and skyrocket your water bill.

What are the signs I need a slab leak repair?

Because these pipes are underground, it’s not always easy to identify a slab leak right away or pinpoint the source. It’s essential that you know what signs to look for, so you can take prompt action. These include:

  • Cracks in the walls and base of your house
  • Hearing sounds of running water in the floor or along the walls
  • Sudden spike in the water bill
  • Hot spots on your floor
  • Finding water pools on the floor with no sign of external leaks

How do we handle slab leak repairs?

Getting experienced professionals from American Plumbing Service for slab leak repair removes the guesswork in the repair process. Our approach depends on our assessment of the situation.

If the slab leak was caught on time and the damage so far has been minor, we can apply epoxy to seal the leak. We’ll also inspect the other pipes to ensure they are not at risk of possible leaks in the near future. In the event of extensive leaks and widespread damage, it might be better to install new pipes altogether.

Both instances require us to break through the concrete slab in order to reach the affected water pipes. That’s why it’s important to work with only tried and proven slab leak repair experts like American Plumbing Service.

What are the benefits of getting a slab leak repair?

If a slab leak is not dealt with in a timely manner, the resulting damage will only worsen over time. By being proactive with your slab leak repairs, you can also enjoy the following benefits

Reduce costly damages

Leaving slab leaks unchecked and untreated for longer means the repair costs are compounding with each passing day. Contacting a professional plumber early on for slab leak repair also prevents damage to your home since water can seep into your house and ruin fixtures, furniture, and appliances.

Prevent health issues

When slab leaks are left unrepaired, they can lead to mold growths and other microbial infestations, which can have a serious impact on your family’s health. By getting professional slab leak repair, you don’t only deal with the damage in your home, you also protect yourself and your family from possible health complications.

Protect your home’s foundation and walls

One of the biggest effects of a slab leak is the expensive damage that it leaves to your house’s foundation.

Slab leaks let water seep and settle in the foundation of your home, weakening it over time. Soon, you’ll start noticing cracks at the base of your home. Compared to repairing your home’s foundation, a slab leak repair is far less expensive.

Keep in mind also that having a damaged home foundation poses a great risk to you and your family’s safety since the integrity of the structure is compromised. By working with American Plumbing Service for slab leak repair, you preserve your home’s integrity for a longer period of time.

Need slab leak repairs in Moreno Valley?

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