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Why You Can Benefit from a Slab Leak Repair

While there are certain plumbing problems you can afford to ignore for a while, a slab leak isn’t one of them. Slab leaks can cause severe damage to your home, resulting in high repair costs and prolonged inconvenience.

If you get a slab leak repaired early, however, you can avoid all these problems and keep your home comfortable.

We’re slab leak repair experts here at American Plumbing Service, so this is something we understand well.

Consider these benefits of a slab leak repair for your home.

1. Avoid high expenses

Slab leaks only get worse with time, meaning repair costs also keep growing. Repairing the underground pipe gets more costly as damage increases, and putting repairs off for too long increases the chances that other parts of your plumbing will get damaged.

Once the damage reaches a certain point, you’ll probably have to pay for it out of pocket. Home insurance typically covers plumbing repairs up to a fixed limit.

And a slab leak repair also prevents damage to your property. As the leak gets more severe, water seeps into your home. That can result in damage to your walls, carpet, furniture, and electrical appliances.

The leak may also be causing your water heater to run constantly, needlessly adding to your bills. A repair can help.

2. Preserve your home’s foundation

One of the most destructive and ultimately expensive effects of a slab leak is the damage it does to your home’s foundation. That’s true whichever material your foundation is made of, concrete or steel.

Water from the slab leak settles at the foundation, gradually weakening it. Over time, you’ll start to notice signs such as cracks at the base of your house.

Repairing a home’s foundation is highly expensive, and it can be a lengthy process that disrupts your daily life.

At the same time, a damaged foundation poses a significant risk to your home’s structural integrity, putting you and your family at risk.

A slab leak repair, especially soon after you notice the leak, limits the damage to your home’s foundation. Apart from giving you an added sense of safety in your home, this also helps you to avoid costly repairs and the inconvenience of construction work on your home for possibly months.

3. Prevent health issues

In addition to benefiting your finances and quality of daily life, a slab leak repair can also help you avoid serious health conditions. As mentioned, water from the slab leak seeps to the foundation and settles. And this means it creates conditions that are ideal for the growth of mold, which then spreads to different parts of your home.

The spores are harmful to your respiratory system, and inhaling them over a prolonged period can lead to long-term complications. The harm is even greater if you or anyone in your household has pre-existing lung conditions.

Unlike mold brought about by other causes, this type of mold is difficult to get rid of. Each time you make the effort of removing it, it simply returns. Until the slab leak is repaired, there will be a section of your home that practically incubates new growths of mold.

A slab leak repair is the most effective way to avoid your home becoming a breeding ground for a health hazard.

Get a slab leak repair from experienced professionals

If you suspect that your home has a slab leak, act now to avoid further damage, high repair or replacement costs, and potential health hazards. We have over 15 years of experience repairing slab leaks. Book an appointment today.

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