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Your water heater just broke – now what? Tips for water heater repair in Menifee, CA

There are certain things in life that we’ve become so accustomed to having at our disposal that we don’t recognize the luxury of it until it’s gone. Hot water is one of these things. When your water heater breaks, your dishwasher doesn’t run properly, your washing machine isn’t as effective, and showers are miserable. At American Plumbing Service, we understand if you want to attempt to perform your water heater repair in Menifee, CA on your own, so we’ve provided some tips to help you.

Water is too hot

Water that’s too hot can be dangerous. As an adult, you can typically regulate the temperature of your kitchen faucet or shower without too many problems. However, your children could easily burn themselves while washing their hands or even getting a drink.

Repair tip: check the thermostat on your water heater. It’s recommended that your water heater is turned to 140 degrees F or even as low as 120 degrees F to save energy. If adjusting the temperature doesn’t fix the problem, call in the professionals.

Not enough hot water

Conversely, you might not be getting enough hot water. This could be the case if your hot water isn’t lasting as long as you feel it should when everyone in your home is showering. A typical 40-gallon water heater should hold enough water for four people to bathe. If you’re running out of hot water after the second or third shower in the morning, you could have a clog from sediment that’s preventing the tank from filling all the way.

Repair tip: If you haven’t had this problem yet, you can get a water softener to help slow the build-up of sediment within your tank. If you feel like sediment is the problem, you can drain the water heater to help remove it. This is a task that a water heater repair technician can perform for you.

Poor water pressure

Your faucets should have more water pressure behind them than a trickle of water. If you don’t have a steady flow of water when you turn on any faucet in your home, you likely have an issue within your water heater that’s blocking the flow through the pipes.

Repair tip: Be sure to check the faucets throughout the house. If only one or two faucets don’t have adequate pressure but the rest do, you could have a localized plumbing issue. If all faucets have low pressure, you should have a leak in your water heater tank or a blockage somewhere. Call in a water heater repair pro to take care of these issues for you.

Foul-smelling or discolored water

Your water shouldn’t smell bad. It doesn’t matter if it’s the way it’s always been since you’ve lived in your home, water shouldn’t have a smell. If there’s a distinct smell of rotten eggs coming from your water, you likely have an anode rod that needs to be replaced. These rods are put in water heaters to ensure that any corrosion occurs on the rod rather than the inside of your water heater.

Repair tip: To replace your anode rod, you might need to take off the top of your water heater tank. If this is not something you’re familiar with, a plumbing professional can replace the part quickly and efficiently.

Call American Plumbing Service

If you’ve tried any of these repair tips and you still don’t have hot water, or if you simply don’t want to do it yourself, give us a call at American Plumbing Services. We’re your top choice for water heater repair in Menifee, CA, and will have your hot water up and running again in no time. You can reach our team by calling us at 951-750-0086 or sending a message using our contact form. We’ll be sure to get back to you promptly so we can help with your water heater repair.

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